Association for Biology Laboratory Education

About ABLE

The Association for Biology Laboratory Education (ABLE) was founded in 1979 to promote information exchange among university and college educators actively concerned with teaching biology in a laboratory setting. Learn more about our history. The focus of ABLE is to improve the undergraduate biology laboratory experience by promoting the development and dissemination of interesting, innovative, and reliable laboratory exercises.workshop

Each conference brings together a group of selected presenters with about 200 participants from university and college biology departments throughout Canada and the U.S. In three very full days, the participants are actively involved in four 3-hour “hands on” workshops and several shorter “mini” workshops. The workshop presenters provide all of the essential information and experiences that the potential user of the laboratory would require in order to “take it home” and use the exercise in their own teaching program. The workshops are published in Tested Studies for Laboratory Teaching, the conference’s peer-reviewed proceedings published by ABLE available online.

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