Association for Biology Laboratory Education

ABLE Board of Directors (2014-2015)

Elected Officers

Ralph Preszler, New Mexico State University (2013-2015)

Chris Beck, Emory University (2014-2015)

Past President

1st Vice-President
Carl Stiefbold, University of Oregon (2014-2015)

Judy Guinan, Radford University (2014-2016)

Alec Motten, Duke University (2013-2015)

Elected Members-At-Large

Isabelle Barrette-Ng, University of Calgary (Year 4, 2011-2015)

Amy Marion, New Mexico State University (Year 3, 2012-2016)

Mark Wolansky, University of Alberta (Year 2, 2013-2017)

Beth Whitaker, University of Nebraska – Lincoln (Year 1, 2014-2018)

Appointed Representatives

Archivist, Sue Karcher, Purdue University
Communications Committee Chair, Barbara Stegenga, Labstracts Editor, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Grants-in-Aid Committee Chair,Isabelle Barrette-Ng, University of Calgary
Major-Workshops Committee Chairs, Kate Verville, Washington College; Janice Bonner, College of Notre Dame Maryland
Membership Committee Chairs (February-June), Laurel Rodgers, Shenandoah University and Randi Mewhort, MacEwan University
Mini-Workshops Committee Chair, Kristen Miller, University of Georgia
Nominations Committee Chair, Amy Marion, New Mexico State University
Poster Session Committee Chair, Tom Fogle, St. Mary’s College; Sue Karcher, Purdue University
Proceedings Senior Editor, Karen McMahon, University of Tulsa
Publicity Committee, Kathy Nolan, Chair, St. Francis College; Bill Glider, Marketing, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Regional ABLE (RABLE) Committee Chair, Joe Newsome, San Diego State University
Website Manager, Mark Walvoord, University of Central Oklahoma