Title: Choosy Worms to Teach Experimental Design
Url: http://www.ableweb.org/volumes/vol-37/v37reprint.php?ch=5
Author: Nicole M. Gerardo
Megan F. Cole
Jacobus C. de Roode
Author's Address: Emory University, Biology, GA
Email Address: mfcole@emory.edu
Description: In this module students learn core concepts in experimental design, data analysis and the ‘messiness’ of
biological research by designing and analyzing their own research project using C. elegans, various
chemicals, potential bacterial food sources or pathogens, and a simple behavioral assay. Participants in this
workshop will design and carry out their own experiment and discuss the potential learning gains for
students. This module can easily be adapted for a single period or a multi-week module and can be used in
intro classes for majors/non-majors or ecology labs.
Keywords: inquiry-based experiment
inquiry-based experiments
Caenorhabditis elegans
Inquiry-based learning
experimental design
Topic: Ecology
Animal Behavior
BEN Subject/Discipline Taxonomy: Ecology
Behavioral Science
Learning Resource Type: Laboratory exercise (DCMI Type Vocabulary)
Context: Undergraduate lower division 13-14
Format: pdf
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Conference Location & Year: Boston University (2015)
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