Title: Identifying Promoter Activators and Repressors Using lacZ Transgene Expression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Url: http://www.ableweb.org/volumes/vol-37/v37reprint.php?ch=13
Author: S. Catherine Silver Key
Ruth S. Phillips
Sarah E. Council
Gail P. Hollowell
Stephanie C. Schroeder
David McDonald
Sandra Utile
Author's Address: Webster University, Department of Biological Sciences, St. Louis, MO
North Carolina Central University, Department of Biology, NC
North Carolina Central University, Center for Science, Math and Technology Education, Durham, NC
Email Address: ckey@nccu.edu
Description: Gene expression is an essential concept to biology majors. In this two-week guided inquiry laboratory,
students are led to discover the role of promoters in gene expression using colorimetric assays measurable
by spectrophotometry. Additionally, the two-week lab module aims to introduce students to elements of
research including iterative skills, data analysis and data interpretation by comparison of their data to
assigned figures in primary research papers. Students use a straight-forward protocol to perform the betagalactosidase
assay to analyze four Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains carrying the lacZ reporter transgene
driven by a eukaryotic wild-type or mutant promoter.
Keywords: Saccharomyces
activator element
beta galactosidase
lac repressor
lac Z reporter gene
repressor element
gene expression
Topic: Genetics
BEN Subject/Discipline Taxonomy: Genetics & Heredity
Learning Resource Type: Laboratory exercise (DCMI Type Vocabulary)
Context: Undergraduate upper division 15-16
Format: pdf
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Conference Location & Year: Boston University (2015)
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