Title: The Role of Feeding Adaptations in Resource Competition between Invasive and Native Clams
Url: http://www.ableweb.org/volumes/vol-32/v32reprint.php?ch=7
Author: James Yoder
Douglas Graber Neufeld
Author's Address: Eastern Mennonite University, Department of Biology, VA
Email Address: neufeldd@emu.edu
Description: This laboratory allows students to investigate the feeding architecture of gills as an adaptation which may allow invasive clams to more successfully take advantage of local food resources, and thereby displace native clams. Students measure clearance rates in an invasive (such as Corbicula sp.) and a native clam (such as a unionid species) for two potential food items--algae and bacteria. The ability of these clam species to clear relatively large (algae) and/or small (bacteria) items is correlated with the measured spacing between cirri on gills. In addition to gaining experience in carefully controlling experimental design, participants refine skills in pipetor operation, microscopy, dissection and spectrophotometry.
Keywords: invasive species
Topic: Evolution
BEN Subject/Discipline Taxonomy: Invertebrate Biology
Evolutionary Biology
Learning Resource Type: Laboratory exercise (DCMI Type Vocabulary)
Context: Undergraduate upper division 15-16
Undergraduate lower division 13-14
Format: pdf
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Conference Location & Year: Dalhousie University (2010)
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